The kitchen is the heart of your home. Every activity revolves around this space so it needs to serve many different functions. Layout is most important and usually dictated by the restrictions of your existing walls. Unless you are building a new home or have space to expand knowing what the demands of your new kitchen will be helps to determine the overall layout. Then the style of your kitchen should be considered. If you are staying with the existing style of the home or living outside of the box many new kitchen designs focus on transitional features marrying traditional with modern. Another style popular today is new age modern. Taking a more organic wood centered design coupled with rectangular lines similar to a European styled kitchen. Then you need to consider your finishes, wood, tile, marble, travertine, vinyl, cork, polished concrete and that’s just your flooring. You also have to consider cabinet type do you want face framed or full access.  Slab doors or raised panel , painted  or stained, custom, semi-custom, big box store or RTA.  Your countertop choices are vast the current trend is solid surface quartz which is made from crushed quartz in a resin matrix and comes in a variety of colors.Granite one of the biggest misconceptions is that it will stain which is true if you are talking about granite produced 20 years ago with todays new resins the granite is put thru a finishing process called vacuum resin infusion that seals up the pores of the stone making it less likely to stain from normal use.  If your feeling overwhelmed the good news is that I can help with considering all the best choices to meet your kitchen demands