Your bathroom is your sanctuary a quite place away from all the distractions of your life. It should be comfortable and soothing not a place you dread because it’s so hard to keep clean. Take for instance your shower the traditional way is to use a pan liner to keep the water from leaking out and causing damage. This method requires a mud bed of about two inches of cement to install the shower floor and depends on small weep holes around the flange to allow water to escape from the shower. After a few months of use they become clogged and the water becomes trapped in the cement mud bed. This creates a breeding ground for mold to grow at the base of the shower. It also pushes up alkaline to the surface between the grout and deposits a film known as efflorescence that makes the shower look dirty and takes away from its beauty. There is a better way a company named Schluter offers a system to waterproof the shower and rid the water from collecting in the bottom of your shower. I have been using this system for years and it’s the way to keep your shower looking great. Instead of letting the water build up in the bottom of the shower the membrane known as Kerdi available at Tampa Tile is laid just below the tile leaving nowhere for the water to go but strait down the drain and allows the installation of a barrier free shower eliminating the need of a curb which is helpful for aging in place with no restriction for a wheelchair or walker in the future and it just looks modern and clean here is a link to a video explaining the system